Noble County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Robert W. Pickenpaugh

Jail Roster


Anderson, Roy              06/17/2019           Trafficking in Drugs

Ash, Randall                 08/16/2019            Warrant/ PV

Baker, William              07/16/2019           Sentenced

Bowen, Mary               09/14/2019           Trafficking in Drugs – Hold for

Casto, Roy                09/19/2019              Improper Han dling of Firearm

Clay, Michael             09/16/2019            Agg Trafficking  – Possession of Drugs

Connolly, Tracey          09/11/2019           Warrant/ Non Support

Davis, Christopher         09/17/2019         Falsification

Dingus, Kevin              07/23/2019              Assault

Donley, Brittany            07/11/2019            Warrant/FTA

Fisher, Justin                09/05/2019             Domestic Violence

Gilmore, Donald          09/18/2019             Receiving Stolen Property

Guiler, Tana                 09/14/2019             Aggravated Trafficking in Drugs  – Possession of Drugs

Halfhill, Austin             09/03/2019           Aggravated Vehicular Homicide

Harper, Ashley             09/19/2019          Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a Minor

Holloway, Melissa L      08//23/2019          Warrant/ Possession of Meth

Holstein, Brittany         02/11/2019             Possession of Controlled Substance  –  Trafficking

Huston, Brooke           09/07/2019            FTA

Johnson, Matthew        09/16/2019         Tampering with Evidence

Neace, Tammy              07/23/2019

Quillen, TJ              09/06/2019      Engaging in Pattern of  Corrupt Activity,  Possession of a Controlled Substance , Aggravated Trafficking

Risch, Christine            09/03/2019         DUI           Sentenced

Roberts, Natasha         09/08/2019        Non Support

Shane, Timothy            09/18/2019          FTA

Sparks, John                08/28/2019           Domestic Violence

Willis, Jacob                09/05/2019           Non Support

Wyatt, Michael           08/05/2019            Receiving Stolen Property